Your characters persona

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Your characters persona

Postby Kazz » 26 Aug 2010, 18:59

this post is to be written as if your character was a real breathing person for a little bit of fun. you can write as many as you like providing it is based on your wow chars


my name is kazzataur, i'm a tauren yada yaday and so on feel free to let your creative side out and write something for fun.

i will be writing mine at some point. :D
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Re: Your characters persona

Postby Smobu » 20 Dec 2010, 00:01

*sorry in advance for any typoo or other errors but I wrote this in one go and was to tired to check it :P*

Deep in the mountain of Blackrock, an orc female gave birth to a litter of 4.
After the birth the father had to make a decision, seeming as there was only food for 2 more.
The next day he put us all in a circle and threw 4 axes into the center...just coming out of the womb u wouldn't think someone would know what to do with an axe....but we are orcs....
I didn't hesitate for a moment, I picked up the axe en cleanly swiped at the one sitting in fron of me, the one one the left of me saw what i did and copied it.
The orc father grinned proudly while he took the axes away from us.
Growing up we didn't have much to eat, it was always a meal of roaches and/or rats depending on what we could find.
Bathing was a must every day since so many parasites inhabited the mountains, and so we were taught from a young age to bathe in lava since that burned the parasites off, and water is where fish deficate and mate so that's just nasty.
When reaching the age of 6 food became more scarce since we grew older and needed more to be saitisfied.
One day a group of travelling humans came near the mountain, my father taught us to avoid them since they are evil beings bent on the destruction of orcs.
But that day my father went up and talked to them, when he got back he was carrying a bag of gold and said to me and my brother..."I gotta make a choice now my sons, one of you two will not be with us anymore by the end of this day".
I got no clue to what he meant and as he was looking at us I saw in his eyes he was measuring us up.
"You there", (we orcs do not get named before the 6th birthday cuz Azeroth is a rough world for an orc)he said as he pointed at my brother.
"You got a btter physique then the other one, u may stay with us, and you the other one, u go with the humans and never show u're face here again".
I walked towards the humans and as i neared them I was gagged/blindfolded and cuffed.
I had to walk for days before we finally came to our destination.
I heard some humans talk and I felt the hand holding me change of owner.
I was taken inside a house and my blindfold was removed.
I saw a fat human sitting in a over decorated chair with 4 servants on his side, tending to his every need.
"You there", the human said poiting at me, "You will be my new houseslave, U will tend to my daughter's every need for as long as u live...U got that lowly orc!?".
I understood the human just barely since I had not mastered their language fully, i just nodded in agreement.
"And if U ever lay one filthy hand on her I will make sure to take off u're fingers one by one orc, u got that!?"
I tended to the human's daughter every need for 9 years.
Every other night the fat human dragged me out of my room and tortured me just for the fun of it.
The human's daughter wasn't such a bad person, she was kind to me when no other human was in the area, and we grew quite close over the years.
One day she told me to go inside the dried up waterwell in the center of the village at night, and since i had been tortured last night I could.
So that day when I was told to go to bed, i stayed awake and in the middle of the night crawled out of the window and went to the dried up waterwell.
I saw a small cave and went inside.
As i approached the girl she smiled at me and started blushing....I was getting at what she wanted to do.
But after being together for a small amount of time I heard the village alarm...I heard people running back and forth adnd screaming the words: "She's gone!" "Find her Or I'll have your heads!"
While I wanted to turn my head the girl smiled at me and said: "don't worry, they'll never find us here, nobody but me and my father know about this cave".
I turned my head towards the girl and then i heard footsteps closing in....
Soldiers came rushing down along 8 servants carrying the fat human, and as I turned my head towards them, the human girl started screaming loudly.
"Let me go you filthy orc!" "AAAHHH daddy help me!"
She pulled herself away from me and ran towards her father.
As I grew a dark and deep hatred in my heart after being sent to death in this manner I saw one of the guards holding his axe in a not so steady manner....
I gestured at the human to come at me.
The fat human ordered him to not kill me but capture me alive so he could torture me.
As the soldier walked towards me I saw his hands shaking...I must be his first kill to be I thought....
In the corner of my eye i saw a rock, i kicked it towards him, he tripped over it, let his axe go, I caught it and started hacking my way into the humans.
I heard screaming and saw blood splatter all around while I cut these humans down.
I took my time with the fat one and his daughter for what they had done to me.
Then i ran as fast as I could, but I had a big group chasing me through the woods, I ran for 3 days with the humans close on my heel.
Then I came to a clearing, I saw a was a dead end...but the humans were closing in fast...I had only a split second to make the i jumped.
I don't remember much what happened after, I just know I woke up one night and was drifting over the ocean on a was like it was keeping me out of the water and carrying me to another place.
But I was too tired, I closed me eyes and thought what ever will happen, happens.
When I woke up again I was in a small camp, some big cow was sitting outside.
He spoke orcish to me which surprised me a lot.
"Welcome orc friend, u have drifted far away from your homeland, these are the lands of Kalimdor and u were brought here by a whale."
"which rather suprises me since orc and nature usually don't go along that much."
If the tauren only knew that when growing up the animals were the only ones I could trust...not father, mother or my other brother, should've I have ever turned my back to...
"I sense a great deal of pain inside u orc, and seeming ur still this young I think it would be wiser to roam these plains with a guide."
"So what u say of it orc?, want me to help guide u through life? It is your own decision and u need not rush it for I will be here for a few days."
Looking at the cow I sensed no evil in him...and having nothing, not knowing where I am being in new lands it would be the wiser dicision.
I came to learn a lot thanks to the tauren.
I learned the ways of nature, learned the ways of the spirits, got to know others of his race called the 'Tauren', learned to hun in more efficient ways.
I learned to cook more ways of food(which could've made those roaches and rats a whole lot tastier), I learned to fish and learned to heal others with medicine and paper.
The next few years I started to finally enjoy life.
I even got a name from the tauren; Smobu, I was named after the word I used much.
But then one day all got messed up, a tauren traveller came along and tried to rally all tauren to fight the centaur since they were nearly wiped out.
After deliberating for a while the tauren decided to join the battle, my mentor told me to stay cuz oit was a fight of the tauren and not mine.
I tried to explain how this had become my family and I was trained in combat at a young age so I could be a great asset to the battle since tauren don't fight that much and thus the experience was on my side.
But my mentor wouldn't have of it, he said:"I know u consider us your family and we do so with you, but U have had a struggle with life so far, u just remain here while we do battle and wait for us to return."
Out of respect for him I did what he told, though i wasn't happy with it.
The tauren were supposed to get ready and set for battle in 2 days.
After spending 2 days with their family the tauren men went for battle...leaving the women behind crying.
A week passed when suddenly in the middle of the night my mentor's wife woke up and started crying...then one by one the other wives started crying.
I knew something was wrong, tauren r strongly connected to the spirits and them suddenly crying while the men went to battle told me enuff of what i needed to know.
I packed what i could, took a bow and arrow with me and went towards where the tauren were going for the battle.
After walking for 4 days I came across burnt out camp...I saw blood everywhere, but no bodies.
I looked around for clues and saw small tiny footseps of blood leading away from the site, i applied the tracking skills my mentor taught me.
It led me to a cave where I saw a bucnh of small human like creatures...only way smaller, one of them was distinct from the others, he was slighly bigger and had a big beard.
With my bow and arrow I could mabe take down 4-5 of them but then the other remaining 7 would definately get the better of me...
I needed some heavy armor and another weapon to take care of them but by the time I would have made it and got back to the cave the small creatures would probably be gone.
I looked for a solution...I saw a huge rock on top of the cave, big enough to bar the how to get the rock down?
The bow won't make much leverage so that is out, breaking the dam further back would push the rock but drown the small creatures and I still not had my way with them.
I could not figure it out...but then to my suprise the bearded one went outside on his own...he set a small thing on fire and started to blow grey clouds out of his mouth...
Then i heard from inside the cave "He Greybeard! put out that smoke or you will blow us all up! remeber the explosives U dumd dwarf!?"
Explosives...I've heard of those when i was with the humans...i put fire next to it and u get a big earthquake like effect...
One carely aimed shot at that 'smoke' of his, I cut the thing in 2, it fell into his pocket and I heard a big bang.
When I came to my senses i saw the boulder in front of the cave, heard screams from inside and just saw a beard where a small man used to would make a nice souvenir that beard I thought while taking it.
I went to nearest place that had lava...I build me an piece of armor any orc would be proud of, i made an axe that was in perfect balance and with a grip to match the form of my hand.
A few days later I went back to the cave, ehh now how to remove the rock...didn't really think this through...mmm mabe a good moment to test my axe.
I swinged at the rock and split it clean in half...hehe, the axe was sharp enuff to cut through almost anything.
The small creatures were ahppy to see daylight and were about to thank me...but then they looked at my face and knew better.
Before I knew it I had peices of small human flying everywhere.
Then after getting my revenge I went into the cave and saw my tauren friends and mentor burnt, deficated on and and cut into pieces.
I made sure they all got a proper burial.
When i wanted to go back I saw a small army of the tiny humans coming near...did I want more or did I have my fill?
I still felt my rage burning inside so i decided to give in on it.
I rushed towards the army and roared while I lunged at them, then i heard more of those kind of roars in my back.
Before I knew it I was fighting side by side with more orcs and tauren.
"Kill those lowly gnomes!" i heard coming from the I knew the word for these small creatures...gnomes, and one size bigger with a beard is a dwarf, and another size up is human.
I knew the name of my enemy now.
After the battle the orc leader stepped up to me and said: "well fought young one, we could use u in our army to battle against the alliance since u got some good skills".
Then he started explaining me about orcs and humans, the scourge, and everything related.
After telling his story he said, just come to our capitol and see a bit for yourself, don't decide on a whim but think about it.
For me there wasn't much to think about, I lost my home again and with war on the horizon the really was only one thing I could do.
So I asked him" Will i be able to kill a lot of gnomes?"
He grinned and said "Yes young orc, though it is not our primary goal U can do that as much as you like".
I wanted to ready myself for more battles immidiately, but we were to go back to the caiptol first and get some supplies.
While they got supplies I was told to relax a few days before heading towards battle.
I saw a strange familliar face when I hit the bar.
To be sure i tapped the orc on his shoulder...he turned and said:"Wazzaya ya *hic* vant eyy?"
When he looked at me he almost turned into a white orc.
"M-m-m-my son?"
I laughed and said"U sold your son to humans and he died along with them, now only remains to kill that ramining part of me that i left with you!"
"Iz zhat a chall-ll-llenge?*hic*?" he said
I answered: "Yes it is, but not in the form u are in now, tomorrow at noon when your sober again i will fight u, if U still dare by then."
"I will t-t-take u *hic* on right now, U zzzzzzzink zis affects me?"
I took up a mug and smashed it into his face, that will keep him quiet.
The next day i got ready for a fight, I'm lucky I challenged him in front of other orcs or else he would probably have run off, the coward.
Thinking that i couldn't have been more wrong, as I went to the bar the crowd pointed me towards the coliseum.
As i walked into the arena i heard the crowd cheering and saw my father standing in the middle.
"You didn't expect this ey son? Muahahaha! I'm the champion of this here arena!".
I didn't expect it, but then again i don't really care, i'll just hack away and see if I'll live.
"I will teach u know what i couldn't learn u earlier boy!" he said while smiling
"U already taught me enuff father, like how cowardly u are in the presence of humans!"
"That was just good business son, one day U'll understand".
But not having seen my brother or mother I was curious to there whereabouts and this would be a great way to find out.
"U probably also sold my brother to get here ey?"
"HAHAHA, no he chose his own fate while some humans ravaged your mother, I told him to run but he wanted to protect her, I thought I raised him better than that!"
"So u ran from humans just like I said u cowardly orc!"
That got him really pissed, which gave me the upper hand, in battle always control your emotions is what the tauren tought me.
He jumped at me swinging his sword wide, I blocked it and swung my sword in his side.
He grabbed the sword while it got stuck in his hip and swinged at me again.
I ducked and gave him an uppercut which freed my sword again.
Then we swung at each other at the same time.
I felt a cleave in my shoulder and as i looked at him I saw his head wobble a bit and then fall off.
Then I heard the crowd screaming in excitement, and before I knew it I raised my hand in the air...'"AAAHH!" next time better raise the other hand...
My wounds were tended too and the next day the warchief payed me a visit.
He said to me"I know i asked you to your our army, but we have somewhat a truce with the alliance at this time."
I was dissapointed as a truce meant not waging war and thus no killing gnomes.
"We are not looking for soldiers aymore but adventurers to help us with many things acroos this world".
"But the leaders of the allaince and our leaders know that sometimes skirmishes with the other side can't be avoided."
"So if U decide to be an adventurer and happen to kill soem gnomes along the way, the truce wouldn't be comprimised."
With no direction in life it seemed like the perfect solution for me.
So I became and adventurer and started to roam Azeroth
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Re: Your characters persona

Postby Kazz » 21 Dec 2010, 09:57

i enjoyed reading that :p
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