Giving blood

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Giving blood

Postby Kazz » 14 Nov 2011, 15:28

I really don't want to sound preachy but i was listening to spotify and heard and advert for giving blood apparently 40,000 new blood donors are needed before the end of the year.

so if you haven't given blood, why not give it a try, i know many people don't like needles, but the great thing is two tiny bits of pain (needle in and out) and you are saving lives.

Do something amazing because it really does make you feel special. and if you don't want to go alone take a friend, they have hot drink, crisps, biscuits and fruit available to you after your donation.

Also they type your blood for you if you didn't know already :) - to help you find out where you local place is.
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Re: Giving blood

Postby Zelanya » 16 Nov 2011, 21:16

I am blood group type (chocolate+)

Giving blood only takes an hour, it doesn't hurt other then the first little prick (no jokes please), and the staff are lovely. You get a free biscuit and drink, and I get a sticker for the kids saying "my mummy gave blood today'

My kids, me and husband have never needed blood. But both our mums nearly died giving birth to us and had to have transfusions which saved their lives. Blood is used for accidents, bad births, cancer, surgery and terminal illness. A blood transplant of plasma can pick up a person who is dying and give them a burst of energy for 'quality time' with their family. Which as you can imagine is about as good a gift as you can give anyone (apart from donating all of your body parts which is pretty awesome too)

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